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DVS (Damn's Virtual Studio) is a simple manifestation of our works on the internet. Our goal is to share information and experience as well as providing services such as free ads submission and web development. Our free ads submission is completely free. You can submit your ads and will not be charged, also your ads will live forever as long as it goes along our TOS and agreement. We are also working on project of web development especially wordpress blogging platform and blogger. You can find our interesting plugins and widgets and use it for free. You can also find valuable infos, tutorials, unique articles, tips and tricks of internet and web design here.

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Share, Quote, Discuss, Invention, guess that quite good enough to describe all I write here. Simply share all I know about the internet, web design, computer & multimedia, unique tips and trick, and lot more. Most are taken from my own experience, combined with new things I found and recreate it to something different or even new. Well, let's save the chitchat, just browse it all on my Blog
(Free Ads Submission)
As an online promotion media, we offer you free ads submission which will help you to cross-market and promote your company or individual business, products & services, sharing information (ex. site & blog submission) and more. With varies of categories, you can place your ads with multiple ads option and let the customer easily find your ads. You can submit your ads for free, no registration required, no hidden fee, and no ads limitation, it's absolutely FREE!!! Don't miss this chance, check it out here http://ads.finderonly.net.

If you are interested to be a web designer or curious in developing the javascript, here then you can learn hundreds or javascripts collection from the simplest to advanced type, all in examples and briefly well explained. Well, I'm not the original author of these javascripts (credit intact) but I believe it's a good idea to share it with you. Browse Javascripts Collections[...]
4 in 1 Plugin by DVS
The plugin has 4 powerful features, Random featured post, Share Button, Flash Mp3 Player, and Quick Notification that floats at top or botom of your page to help increase page visits, let visitors easily share your blog contents to popular social media networks, as well as entertains your visitors with mp3 songs of your choices. Also quick notification bar allows you to give a short announcement to your visitor. This plugin is also fully customized, easy and complete setting[...]

Stylish Mp3 Player
Get this free stylish embeddable flash mp3 player to play music on your blog or website. This player is able to play multiple mp3 files stored in any server, completed with volume control and seeker, also playing options that enables autoplay and autoreplay (loop). More than that, this player is pretty small only 8kb[...]

DVS Custom Notification Plugin
This plugin enables to write announcement/ notification or call to action to visitor using any HTML or javascript code. This plugin is fully customizeable, 2 notification types (styles), resizeable notification box, 9 placement options (compass) and super fast loads.[...]

Internet Business Solution
We provide huge collections of the internet money maker around the world. We compile only assorted resources from the most trusted and provenly legitimated sites. Internet business has now become a stategic option to get wealth from home with its potential growth. Along with it new providers are rising rapidly, but not all of them are trusted and safe, some may be just scammers. Beware of the internet business or money maker provider that tries to woo you with vague promises. Get the facts and be wise on your internet business, so we are here to provide reviews and proofs that might help You to choose the correct one[...]

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