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    Made leading the heart beats, following the mood and reflecting sound of my emotion. Nothing special but the endless search, finding the new things, new experiences, learn and absorb it to share with others.
    Liven up the ordinary become more attractive. Don't have to be expert, all you have to do is to know what you want the most. And believe me, there's so many ways to achieve it. Didn't your mind never really stop thinking?

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    Thank God and Malaikat Jibril for all the gifts n ideas. To my family for the prayers and magnificent integrity. To my friends for their kind investment and experiences, I honor their enthusiasm and opinion. A special thanks to "Si Budugul" my Nokia 6600, I really learn a lot from You. Also my deepest apology for someone out there for this sloth, hope that You won't turn out of me. Please keep waiting... I believe someday we'll have a lot to crop.

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