100+ Unique Javascript Collections

Find hundreds of unique javascripts files with live example here for free. These javascript collection could be your perfect resources to learn and develop since there are lots of unique function from the simplest to most advanced javascripts files. Now please browse it with the categories below:
Alerts JavaScript

  • Radio Button Alert
  • Confirm Alert from a Text Link
  • Mouse Over Text - Alert
  • Confirm Alert from a Text Link
  • ...more...»

Audio Effects JavaScript

  • Plays Random Midi File
  • Plays Midi By The Day
  • JukeBox Player
  • Lets User Select Midi to be Played
  • ...more...»

BackGround Effects JavaScript

  • Color Table
  • Continuous Fader
  • Cursor Changer
  • Random Background
  • ...more...»

Buttons/ Links JavaScript

  • Alert Button
  • Apologize E-Mail
  • Headliner
  • Keyword Finder
  • ...more...»

Calculator JavaScript

  • 5 Function Calculator
  • Advanced Calculator
  • Armor Penetration Calculator
  • Download Calculator
  • ...more...»

Calenders JavaScript

  • Monthly: Day Highlighted
  • Monthly: Time - Day Highlighted
  • Quarterly Calendar
  • Select-A-Month

Clocks JavaScript

  • Clock Type
  • Clock on the Status Bar
  • Digital Clock With Display
  • World Time
  • ...more...»


  • Number Of Visits
  • Favorite Background
  • User Name
  • Name - Visits - Message
  • ...more...»

Equivalents JavaScript

  • Programming Equivalents
  • Metrology Equivalents
  • Degrees to Radians
  • Acceleration Equivalents
  • ...more...»

Forms JavaScript

  • Check E-Mail
  • No HTML
  • Suggestions
  • Guestbook Validation
  • ...more...»

Messages JavaScript

  • Banner Ads
  • Banners Link Exchange that Rotate
  • Bouncing Banner
  • Dancing Links
  • ...more...»


  • Daily Redirection
  • HTML Editor out Of Java Script Advanced
  • HTML Builder
  • Block Someones IP Address from your page.
  • ...more...»

Navigation JavaScript

  • Age Redirection
  • Autoback and AutoFoward
  • Cursor Link
  • Rollover Text that Highlights when mouse moves over it
  • ...more...»

Page Details JavaScript

  • Break Frames
  • Fake Counter
  • Time On Page (OnUnload)
  • Time On Page (Alert)
  • ...more...»

Passwords JavaScript

  • Combo Password
  • Cookie Protection
  • Gatekeeper
  • Three Tries
  • ...more...»

Message on Status Bar

  • Flashing Status Bar
  • Clock and Date on the Status Bar
  • Sliding Status Bar
  • Type Writer Status Bar Multiple Messages
  • ...more...»

Scrolls JavaScript

  • Box Scroll
  • Date & Time
  • Flashing Banner
  • Write And Slide
  • ...more...»

User Details JavaScript

  • Browser Redirection By Screen Size
  • Visitor Monitor
  • Referrer
  • Plugins Table
  • ...more...»

Windows Scripts

  • Advance Window Scroller
  • Opens Windows on Mouse Passover
  • Loads Popup Window when Page Loads
  • Floating Window That Moves
  • ...more...»

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Note: The Javascripts resource does not belong to this site entirely, the credits are intact in every javascript file to the original author.

Javascripts Collections

If you are interested to be a web designer or curious in developing the javascript, here then you can learn hundreds or javascripts collection from the simplest to advanced type, all in examples and briefly well explained. Well, I'm not the original author of these javascripts (credit intact) but I believe it's a good idea to share it with you. Browse Javascripts Collections[...]

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