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Free Speaking Time Information for Windows

Speaking time information is a small application which make your computer talks and telling you about time. This is my first application for windows, I know there are lot of lackness about this newbie application. But I can assure you that this small application is really useful. The Speaking Time Information uses the computer default voice for windows. I just make use of it and call the computer voice using simple visual basic script to speak the current time. This is not a complex program, really simple actually even a newbie like me can create it. These are what and how the program does.

  • Speaking out loud telling You about time.
  • Easily customized to set notification time for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or hourly.
  • The sound comes the computer default voice (which is different in among Windows OS)
  • The program uses windows default schedule task, you can define the program to tell you time more often for 15 minutes, half an hour etc. (currently done manually)
The program is running perfectly for windows 8, far much better than used in Windows XP. We know, windows XP has microsoft SAM as the computer default voice which is clobbered and weird voice, doesn't heard like real human. But now Windows 8 has three different type of voices, MS David (US Male), MS Hazel (UK Female), and MS Zira (US Female). These voices are really resembling human for real. And when it is used to tell you about time, it is so cool! This is how this app looks like:
Time Info App Settings Interface

Speaking Time Info App Settings / Voice Options

Time Info Installation

  1. Download the program from this 2 options:
  2. For windows XP user, You must add password to your current profile first to run this program normally. 8 users are not required to.
  3. Extract the file and open, wait until the program finish the extraction and done.
By default, the application will run once in hour. You can override this by changing the schedule task, you may customize it to run more often or may be rare. For Windows 8 User, press Start » type schedule » see the search bar in the right pane and click setting » click the schedule task and there you can change the setting. For XP, Vista and 7 user open schedule task from Control Panel » Performance and Maintenance » Schedule Task.

Info and FAQs

This application is my first windows program, there are lackness and still lot to do to make it better. I'm actively developing the program and listening to your feedback and offcourse fixing problems, any suggestions are kindly welcome. Please submit your question or suggestions regarding to the program by mail, I'll add it to this section in the future.
Thank you for anyone using this application, hope you like it. Don't forget to "LIKE" this page and my Facebook Fan Page as your appreciation as well as to notify for the latest update.


The usage of the application is totally free and is released under GPL, it's an open source. You have the freedom to use and distribute copies of this free software, but it strongly recommended to leave the credit intact.


No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, or modified without the prior consent of the author, unless otherwise indicated for stand-alone materials.


Thank God for all the gifts n ideas, and special thanks to my family and friends for the magnificent integrity.

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