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DVS Projects - Must Used Plugins and Widgets

We create and deliver the best and must used plugins and widgets only. There are thousands of good wordpress plugins and blogger widgets, but not all are really needed. Sometimes good is not enough, but when we meet what we need, its always good. I may not be a full stack developer, but these plugins still worth a shot.

SymTweaks - Simple System Tweaks for Windows

SimTweaks is a simple systems tweaking tool for Windows. It has a simple User Interface (UI) with direct access to many tweaking tools, right at the main screen. Every tweak has a brief description, even a regular windows user would easily understand what the usage for. This application is made based on my habits, means everytime I installed a fresh Windows OS I always [...]

BBM Essential v2 - Extended Features with Privacy Protection

BBM Essential v2 offer you secure and privacy protect with new features added. You can now hide the message / chat notification from notification panel and will not shows message in the top of the phone. More than that the Block Read Status still can help you to read the message without showing the "R" (Read) sign to your contact phone. You can also lock [...]

BBM Essential - Super Light with Cool Features Added

More than the official BBM application, many cool features has been added to this app. Let's say if you want to read your contacts message without showing the Read Status (the R sign on the contact phone), you can turn this Block Read Status feature on or off. It's obviously useful to save your time and "your life". BBM Essential does not remove the official BBM default features based on BBM v2.10.[...]

DVS Sukaer Plugin - Automagic Fan Maker

One of the best free way to market your business is using social media. We agreed that social media networks are fantastic resources for business to build image of brand, promote it, even to learn the consumer behaviour. No doubt, in this case facebook is the biggest social media you can't ignore. With these facts, it’s hardly difficult to resist not to create a Facebook fan page [...]

Free Speaking Time Information for Windows

Speaking time information is a small application which make your computer talks and telling you about time. This is my first application for windows, I know there are lot of lackness about this newbie application. But I can assure you that this small application is really useful. The Speaking Time Information uses the computer default voice for windows. I just make use of it and call the computer voice using simple visual basic script to speak the current time [...]

DVS Custom Notification - Must Used Wordpress Plugin

This plugin enables to write announcement/ notification or call to action to visitor using any HTML or javascript code. This plugin is fully customizeable, 2 notification types (styles), resizeable notification box, 9 placement options (compass) and super fast loads. The idea of creating this plugin is coming from my first plugin 4 in 1 WordPress Plugin which is also contain the notification menu, a simpler one with only notification type 1 included[...]

4 in 1 Widget - Must Used Wordpress Plugin

The plugin has 4 powerful features contain random featured post, Share Button, Flash Mp3 Player, Quick Notification and that floats at the top or botom of your page to help You increase page visits, let your visitors easily share your blog contents to popular social media networks, as well as entertains your visitors with mp3 songs of your choices. Also the last widget added is the quick notification bar allows you to give a short announcement to your visitor[...]

Stylish Embeddable Flash Mp3 Player

Get this free stylish embeddable flash mp3 player to play music on your blog or website. This player is able to play multiple mp3 files stored in any server, completed with volume control and seeker, also playing options that enables autoplay and autoreplay (loop). More than that, this player is pretty small only 8kb[...]


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