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SymTweaks - Simple System Tweaks for Windows

SimTweak is a small systems tweaking tools and troubleshooting with many tweaks functionality to easily customize and personalize your PC. SimTweak is Simple System Tweaks. It has a simple User Interface (UI) with direct access to many tweaking tools, right at the main screen. Every tweak has a brief description, even a regular windows user would easily understand what the usage for. This application is made based on my habits, means everytime I installed a fresh Windows OS I always made some tweaks and personalization. So why not combining those tweaks into one application? So I wouldn't be bothered with tons of manual tweaks. Then this SymTweaks application is born

SymTweaks is my third Windows application I made after Service Disabler and Time Info. The main features are obviously tweaking tools from Windows Appearance to system setting tweak and a lot more. More than that, it is also completed with many troublshooting tools. So this SymTweaks App is a tweaking and fixing tool as well. Below is how SymTweaks looks:

SymTweaks App Interface

SymTweaks App at glance

SymTweaks Tools and Main Features

So far until version 1.0.2 there are more than 50 tweaks available, but more to come in the future. SymTweaks has a bookmark which can save your favorite tweaking tools to it. So you can find your favourite tool fast and direct. Here are some its best features:

  1. Application Tweaks
    1. Restore Classic Photo Viewer
    2. Fix File Association
    3. Shortcut Style Options
    4. Remove Shortcut Name
    5. Block Application without Uninstall
    6. Enable / Disable Cortana
    7. Auto Complete Search
    8. Asynchronous Start Up
    9. Auto Close Hung App
    10. Auto Play Settings
    11. SmartScreen Settings
  2. Disk Tweaks
    1. Clean TEMP
    2. Prefetch Cleaner
    3. Clean More Windows Trash
    4. Disk Name Customizer
    5. Reset NTFS Permission
    6. Clean up WinSXS and gain more spaces
    7. Customize Drive Letter
    8. Remove Disk Space Warning
    9. USB Write Protection
    10. Disk Checking Timeout
  3. System Tweaks
    1. Enable Built in Administrator Account
    2. Enable or Disable User Account Control
    3. Enable Classic F8 Boot in Windows 8 to 10
    4. Hibernate Options
    5. Event Viewer Log
    6. Activate God Mode
    7. System File Checker
    8. System Info
    9. Security & Privacy
    10. System Restore
    11. Verbose Logon
  4. Tweak Network
    1. Reset TCP / IP
    2. IP Config / DNS
    3. Net Statistics
    4. Ping Tools
    5. Find MAC Address
    6. WLAN Details
    7. Reset Firewall
    8. Reset Internet Explorer
    9. Remote Desktop Connection
    10. Enable / Disable SMB1
    11. HomeGroup Disable
  5. Personalization Tweaks
    1. Custom Dekstop Menu Creator
    2. Custom Explorer Menu Creator
    3. Custom Menu with Sub Items
    4. Classic or Modern Volume Control
    5. Baloon Tooltips
    6. Show or Hide Windows version in Dekstop
    7. Custom Sign In Message
    8. Show Last Logon Info
    9. Customize Action Center
    10. Windows App Theme
    11. Disable Activty History
    12. Define Wallpaper Quality
  6. Tools and Utilities
    1. Fix Error 2503 / 2502
    2. Host File Editor
    3. OEM Info Editor
    4. Shutdown Timer
    5. Windows Built In Tools
    6. Windows Built In App Installer
    7. Windows Built In App Uninstaller
    8. Windows APPX Installer
  7. Troubleshoot & Fix Windows
    1. Manual Troubleshooters
    2. Fix Explorer.exe not working
    3. Reset Recycle Bin
    4. Wifi Not Working
    5. AppStore Not Downloading
    6. Activate / Deactivate Windows Script Host
    7. Fix Win Update Stuck
    8. Fix Windows Store Not Opening
    9. Fix Settings Not Opening
    10. Repair Systems Corrupt Files
  8. Miscellaneous
    1. Battery
    2. Remove Intel Menu
    3. Remove AMD Context Menu
    4. Remove NVidia Context Menu
    5. Disable Ads

SymTweaks Download & Installation

Based on its name, SymTweaks is designed to be small in size, lightweight in process, and easy to use. No installation is required since it only contains one small file, the application alone. SymTweaks is free to use and distribute, but You may require Net Framework 4 to run this Application.
Download SymTweaks 1.0.4

Help and Support

Nothing is perfect, off course there is still lackness to fix. Besides, I didn't have any programming background and making this app is for fun. So please use the application for free and kindly report if You found some error, or may be just saying that you're using it. You may directly add comments from the app. If you found this application is helpful you may contribute and buy me coffee. I hope this SymTweaks app is usefull for all of you, cheers...


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Thank God for all the gifts n ideas, and special thanks to my family and friends for the magnificent integrity.

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