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DVS Sukaer Plugin - Automagic FB Fan Maker

One of the best free way to market your business is using social media. We agreed that social media networks are fantastic resources for business to build image of brand, promote it, even to learn the consumer behaviour. No doubt, in this case facebook is the biggest social media you can't ignore. The fact that more than 350 million users are active on Facebook and still growing. More than 50% of them are active user with averagely one hour spent on facebook daily. With these facts, it’s hardly difficult to resist not to create a Facebook fan page for your brand or website.

But, there's a challenging problem when you already had fan page. We all know the fan page is based on like, and it's not easy to get it. No matter how good your brand or product, the difference of "taste" may just lead your best things got ignored. Then, an idea came in my mind and I wrote it into a wordpress plugin, DVS Sukaer. I'll save my chitchat, you will see how this plugin works and much it will help You. See LIVE DEMO

Download and Installation

DVS Sukaer is wordpress plugin, very easy to install with regular way and works perfectly with the latest version of wordpress. Anyway, follow below instruction to use it correctly.

  1. Download DVS Sukaer (find it on demo page).
  2. Upload to your site, click Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin -> and Choose the downloaded file.
  3. Activate the plugin from Plugin section.
  4. Set the plugin option from Setting -> DVS Sukaer
  5. Fill the "Main Page" with your real fan page
  6. Save

Tips and FAQs

I'm actively listening to your feedback and fixing problems, any suggestions are kindly welcome. Please submit your question or suggestions regarding to this plugin via email, I'll add it to this section in the future. Thank you for anyone use this plugin, hope you all like it, has good use for you.

Random Mode

The Random Mode allows You to fill multiple link of your FP. So if you have many FP you can fill all of them there. Each URL are separated by new line, so make sure to hit "Enter" after each URL.

The Use of JQuery

Most wordpress themes have already loaded the jquery.js by default. If your theme does not use jquery.js then check the "Use jQuery" box in order the plugin to work properly.

Set the Cookie

If the "Use Cookie" is activated, the returning visitor will not be served the plugin anymore. This is to prevent the "unlike" click after they already liked. It is recommended if you have only one FP. Unless the Random mode is activated, the same visitor may like several FP.

See also another great free wordpress plugin, DVS Custom Notification.


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Thank God for all the gifts n ideas, and special thanks to my family and friends for the magnificent integrity.

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